Raynor Commercial Operators

Control Hoist 2.0

Raynor ControlHoist 2.0 commercial operators with solid-state logic board control are available in selected motor and voltage combinations to meet many commercial applications. Your Raynor Dealer will help you select the operator and accessories that are suited for your door's size and usage.

ControlHoist 2.0 Optima
Designed for larger sectional doors, rolling doors and higher-cycle applications, the ControlHoist 2.0 Optima is a heavy-duty, gear driven operator that is built with a continuous-duty, overload protected motor with high starting torque. View brochure here.

ControlHoist 2.0 Standard
The ControlHoist 2.0 Standard is medium-duty, belt-drive operator, designed for high cycle applications and use on standard to larger size sectional doors, rolling door and grilles. View brochure here.

ControlHoist 2.0 Basic
The Raynor ControlHoist 2.0 Basic is a 1/2 horsepower, belt-drive operator, perfect for operating smaller sized sectional doors, rolling doors and grilles. This entry level operator is still loaded with innovative features along with a durable construction that is suitable for most commercial applications. View brochure here.